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These Picture are of Ron's Parents and relatives including the Duskey, Connolly families

For More old Pictures go to

  • Duskey Family web site

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    Charles, Elva, and John Duskey

    In the Early 1940's in front of Duskey House at Mt.Zion WV.

    Charles Duskey Sr.

    French, Mont, Charles Sr., Bill, and Dan Duskey

    Taken in the 1950's

    Brother John Duskey Killed in WWII

    John and Mary Duskey

    Charles Duskey Sr. Home Mt. Zion WV.

    about 1965

    Front Charles Sr., Joanna , James Everett (twin) James S. Elva (twin) Back George, Amy, French, Myrtle, Tensie, Brook, Daniel, Missing Mont, Edith

    Bill and Andrew Duskey, Bother of Charles Duskey Sr.

    Elias and Matilda Greathouse Connolly My Great Grandparents

    Charles Duskey Sr, Ron, Elva, Don, Charles Jr. and Harold

    James Duskey My Grandfather

    Joanna Duskey My Grandmother

    Elva and Charles Duskey, Myrtle Ritchea, Mont and Effie Duskey

    James and Joanna Duskey

    James Duskey Store Richardson WV

    Jack and Opal Connolly

    Frank Connolly, Ralph, Roanna, Elva

    Roxie holding Frankie, Mabel, Flora, Frank holding Grace Connolly

    Ralph, Elva, Jack Connolly

    Ralph, Elva and Jack Connolly

    Taken Labor Day 1962 in front of the Duskey House First from left unknown, Ron,Charles Sr, Harold, Mont, Dick, Don, Charles Jr

    Taken Labor Day 1962 in front of the Duskey House Back left unknow, Effie, Elva, Geraldine, Dink Front three unknows, Eileen and Dixie

    Charles Duskey Sr, Elva, and Ron April 1958

    Back Charles Sr, Charles Jr., Elva, Harold, Front Ron, Don, Tina

    Back Charles Sr and Elva Duskey, Front Tina, Dixie, Ken, and Brad, in 1959

    Charles Jr. and Dink on 60th Anniversary 10-4-2001

    Brooke Carr Duskey

    Charlene, Joanna & Helen Duskey

    Edith Duskey Bright

    Helen Duskey Ball Young

    Paul James Duskey Family

    Elva Duskey Wilson

    French Duskey

    Mont Duskey

    Duskey Familly Home at Richardson WV

    James Duskey Store Richardson WV

    Elva Duskey with John and Charles Jr

    Betty Ritchea-Jody Ritchea-Ken Duskey-Ron Duskey Taken in the 1950's

    Mont and Charles Duskey Taken in the 1950's

    French and Charles Duskey 1954

    Eileen-Jack-Grace-Marge 1977

    Dixie, holding Tina, Ken holding Brad 1959

    Edna Duskey Kingsbury and Marvin Waldberser

    Dixie and Ron Duskey

    Lewis Wickman and Nancy Ann Duskey Riser Wickman

    Dennis and Joe Arnold and Ken Duskey

    John Rogers and Dixie Duskey

    Dixie, Tina, Ken, Brad

    Bernice Cathleen Kirby-Gunter

    Daughter of Tensie Duskey and Roscoe Kirby

    Bob Parrish

    Grandson of Brook Duskey

    Duskey Family

    Front Elva, James S, Bill, Joanna, Tensie

    Back Charles, Myrtle, George, Amy, Brook, Mont, Dan

    Duskey Family

    Front Elva, Tensie, Bill

    Back French, Myrtle, Charles, Mont, Dan

    Duskey Family

    Front, James S and Joanna

    2nd Row Elva, Tensie, Myrtle

    Back Brook, Charles, Amy, George, French, Mont

    George Duskey Age 23

    John Duskey Son of Daniel Duskey

    Minnie, Opal Duskey and Daughter Dolly

    Daniel D and Lena Duskey

    George Duskey son of James and Joanna Duskey

    Dan Duskey first School

    Mary Pauline Zinn Duskey

    Daniel D Duskey on Horseback

    Mary Edith Duskey


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