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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello my name is Ronald D. Duskey. I was Born on Oct. 17, 1943 at home in Mt. Zion WV. the son of Charles Duskey Sr. and Elva Connolly. I am the youngest of 5 boys, Charles Jr., John, Harold, and Don. 

I graduated from Calhoun Co. High School in 1962 and moved to Chicago to attend DeVry Technical Institute. Graduating in 1964. I joined Western Union in 1964 where I began working on computers (when they were as big as a room). I continued my work in the computer industry by moving to General Automation, a Mini Computer Manufacture located in Anaheim California.  After a number of years  I moved again to a Systems Integrator, Systems Marketing Consolidated and then started my own company, Digital Services Corp. along with long time friend and partner Allen Hunt.  Allen is another West Virginia boy who was born and raised in Spencer WV. about 22 miles from where I was raised.  We both met after coming to Chicago to attend DeVry.  The Company we founded is still in operation today doing sales and service to customers in the Chicago area. We also  designed and built Three Oaks Car Wash a full service car wash located in Schaumburg Illinois in 1987.

I was married in 1964 to Alberta Salkin and have two beautiful Daughters , Sheryl born in 1966 and Susan born in 1968.  We were Divorced in 1974.

In 1977 I married Nancy Stewart Taylor who was also divorced with two beautiful Daughters, Terri born in 1963 and Tracie born in 1966.

Since that time the girls have blessed us with 6 beautiful grandchildren, four boys and two girls.

I retired in 2005 from Digital Services.

Three Oaks Car Wash was sold in Jan. 2007 and I was able to retire for the second time.

In 2008 we purchased a home in Florida and we are sharing our time between Florida and our Cabin located on Apple Canyon Lake in Northwestern Illinois.






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