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These Picture are of Nancy's Parents and relatives including the Stewart, Bishop, Johnston families

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C. V. and Virginia Stewart

C. V. and Virginia Stewart

At Damon's Restaurant in Ft. Myers Fl.

W. T. and Florence Stewart with Charles Bishop

C. V. Stewart WWII Vet

Nancys Grandfather Charles S. Johnston

Virginia Stewart

C. V. Stewart Nielsen V.P. Picture

Virginia Stewart on Beach

William and Florance Stewart

Lous, Dave and Dave Jr. Munger Sister of C. V. Stewart

Jeannette and Kav Kavorik, Sister of C.V. Stewart

Nancy, C.V. Stewart and David Munger

John, David, and Kathy Munger with their Grandmother Florance Stewart

William W. Stewart

Sara Barton

Brye Family

Erickson Family

C.V. Lois and Jeannette Stewart

William T. Holding C.V. Stewart, Back row Florence Stewart then William Walter and Sara Barton Stewart and a lot of unknow's

Bishops about 1903 Back: Heald and Mable, Florence John Paul, John, Isabella, Mary, Helen Prudence, Clarence, mildred, John Arnold and John Sherman

Margaret Bishop

Merrill Bishop

Raymond and Mabel Peebler

Mildred Sharpe

Aunt Mabel Peebler

Center Grandpa and Grandma Stewart

Grandpa and Grandma Stewart Baby Bess and Minnie

Granddad Bishop with Sherman-Paul-John-Isabel

Tall one is Sherman Bishop, Isabel Bishop, John Bishop and Paul Bishop

C.V. Stewart and Lois Stewart

Grandpa and Grandma Stewart with Macel -Minnie -Baby?


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